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核心提示: The One With the Ick Factor 122 倒人胃口的约会ick factor:虚假的真相。这是针对剧集里Mon的男朋友说的。瑞秋大做春梦——先是和钱德

The One With the Ick Factor

ick factor:虚假的真相。这是针对剧集里Mon的男朋友说的。

(Scene: Central Perk. Everyone is there.)

Monica: Tell him.

Rachel: No.

Phoebe: Tell him, tell him.

Monica: Just...please tell him.

Rachel: Shut up!

Chandler: Tell me what?

Monica: Look at you, you won't even look at him.

Chandler: (sarcastically) Oh, come on tell me. I could use another reason why women won't look at me.

sarcastically adv.讽刺的,辛辣的

Rachel: All right, all right, all right. Last night, I had a dream that, uh, you and I, were...

Phoebe: Doing it on this table. (points at the table)

Chandler: Wow!

Joey: Exellent dream score完美的梦中得分.

Ross: Why, why, why would you dream that?

Chandler: More importantly, was I any good更为重要的是,我很棒吗?

Rachel: Well, you were pretty damn good.

damn v.a.(上帝)罚……入地狱,诅咒b.谴责,指责 interj.该死!讨厌!

Chandler: Interesting, cause in my dreams, I'm allways surprisingly inadequate. (Monica pats him on his lap)

inadequate adj不够格的,不能胜任的 to 力不从心/lap n.大腿前部

Rachel: Well, last night you seemed to know your way around the table你在桌上表现神勇.

Ross: I love it, when we share.

(Ross goes over to the counter. Chandler follows him.)

Chandler: You're okay there?

Ross: I can't belive you two had sex in her dream.

Chandler: I'm sorry, it was a one-time-thing发生一次的事情. I was very drunk and it was somebody else's subconscious.

subconscious adj.潜意识的

Opening Credits

[Scene: Central Perk, continued from earlier, Chandler is sitting on the table.]

Chandler: Hello Rachel.

Rachel: Get off下来.

Phoebe: (points at Joey's pen) Uh, uh, gimme. Can you see想象 me operating a drill press?

drill press n.钻床

Joey: I don't know. What are you wearing?

(Chandler, Monica and Phoebe looks at him)

Ross: Pheebs, why would you want to operate a drill press?

Phoebe: Just for some short-term-work. You know, until I get back some of my massage clients按摩客户.

Chandler: Pirates again?

pirate 海盗, 盗印者, 盗版者, 侵犯专利权者vt.盗印, 盗版, 掠夺, 翻印vi.做海盗

Phoebe: No, nothing like that没那回事. I was just...such a dummie. I taught this "massage-yourself-at-home-workshop工场." And they are. 我教他们在家自己做按摩,于是他们就真的都在家做了(所以都不来找Pheobe了)

dumb adj.哑的,沉默的,<>愚笨的/dummie n.大笨蛋

Joey: Hey, hey, Chan. She could work for you.

Chandler: (sarcasticly) Thanks Joey, that's a good idea.

Phoebe: What... I could, I could do it. What is it?

Chandler: Well, my secretary is gonna be out for a couple of weeks. She is having one of her boobs redused消乳术. (Ross looks at her.) It's a whole big boob=breast story.

Phoebe: I could be a secretary.

Chandler: Well, you know Phoebs. I don't know if it's your kinda thing, because it involves a lot of being normal. For a large portion of the day.

a large portion of 大部分

Phoebe: I could do that.

(Ross's beeper寻呼机 goes off响了)

Rachel: What are you playing with?

Ross: Oh, it's my new beeper.

Joey: What the hell does a paleontologist古生物学家 need a beeper for?

Monica: Is it like for dinosaur emergencies. 'Help, come quick, they're still extinct.'

Ross: No, it's for when Carol goes into labor. She can get me wherever I am. I mean, all she has to do is to dial 55-JIMBO.

labor n. n.劳动, 努力, 工作, 劳工, 分娩, 阵痛/go into labor进入分娩/Jimbo:是孩子们喜欢的一个小丑的名字。

Chandler: A cool phone number, and a possible name for the kid.

Monica: All right, I'll see you guys later. (raises)

Rachel: Off to see young Ethan?

Monica: Thank you.

Joey: How young is young Ethan? Young?

Monica: He's... our age.

Chandler: When we were?

Monica: Okay, he's a senior大四 in college.

Ross: College?

Chandler: Whoa! And this manchild小朋友 has no problem with how old you are?

Monica: No, of course not. It's not even an issue. Cause I told him I was 22.

All: What?

Monica: Oh, I can't pass for 22?

pass for v.被称为,被看作

Phoebe: Well, maybe 25-26.

Monica: I am 26.

Phoebe: There you go这就对了.

[Scene: Chandler's office, he and Phoebe are there when the phone starts ringing.]

Chandler: Can you hear that?

Phoebe: (plays with a thumbtack remover) Yeah?

tack n.平头钉,方针,政策/thumbtack n.图钉/thumbtack remover n.去图钉器

Chandler: See that'll stop when you pick up the phone.

Phoebe: Oh. Uh, I'm on. (picks up the phone)

Phoebe: (with a deep深沉的 voice) Mr. Bing's office. (Listens) No I'm sorry, he's in a meeting right now.

Chandler: I'm not in a meeting. I'm right... Whoops哎哟.

Phoebe: Will he know what this is in reference to? (Listens) And he has your number? (Listens) All right, I'll see that he gets the message. Bye bye.

in reference to关于/see that 确保,保证

Chandler: What?

Phoebe: Ross says hi.

Chandler: Ah!

Phoebe: This is so fun(adj好玩,有趣) All right, what do we do now?

Chandler: Well, now, I actually have to get to work.

Phoebe: Most likely没错. (raises and goes toward the door) Okay, I'm gonna be out there.

Chandler: Okay.

Phoebe: All right. Bye bye.

Chandler: Bye bye.

(The intercom buzzes)

Chandler: (answering it) Yes?

Phoebe: Whatcha doin'?

Chandler: Ooh. (leans against the desk)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Monica and Rachel are there. Monica is just finishing cleaning the windows.]

Monica: Windows are clean, candels are lit. Uh, belt's to tight, gotta change the belt. Did I turn the fish? (goes over to the kitchen to check on the dinner) No, cause I made lasagne. (to Rachel) Am I out of control?

turn the fish翻鱼身

Rachel: Just a touch=just a little 只是一点点. Mon, I don't understand. I mean, you've been dating this guy since like, what... his midterms期中考试? I mean, why all the sudden(all of a sudden的简略版本) are you so... Oh.

Monica: What?

Rachel: Could tonight be the Night?

Monica: I don't know. Look he's a great guy and I love being with him but... you know. Things happen, and they happen. You don't plan these things.

Rachel: So, did you shave your legs刮腿毛?

Monica: Yeah.

Rachel: A-ha!

[Scene: Central Perk. Joey and Ross are there.]

Joey: Would you let it go Ross. It was just a dream. It doesn't mean...

(Ross's beeper goes off)

Ross: Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh this is it. Oh my god it's baby time. Baby time.

Joey: All right, relax, relax. Just relax, just relax. Be cool, be cool.

(Ross dials a number on his cellular phone)

cellular phone n.便携式电话

Ross: (on phone) Yeah, hi, I was just beeped. (pause) No, Andr?is not here. (to Joey) Third time today. (on phone) Yes, I'm sure... No, sir. I don't perform those kind of services.

Joey: Services? (Ross looks at him) Oh, services.

Ross: (on phone) Yeah, you want 55-JUMBO. Yeah, that's right. That's right, JUMBO with a U, sir. (pause) No, belive me, you don't want me. Judging by his number, I'd be a huge disappointment. (pause) All rightie, bye bye.

jumbo n.<>庞然大物adj.巨大的/自从有了55-JIMBO的呼机后,Ross经常被别人打错号码问是否提供性服务。所以他解释中间不是U的字母。Jumbo是一头名为Jumbo的大象。它在伦敦展出帮主人赚了不少钱。也许就是因为这头超大体型的象,在美国,当你走在超市里,一定会注意到不少商品的包装上面印有Jumbo的字。这不是哪个品牌,而是"超大号"的意思。

(Phoebe and Chandler enter)

Joey: Hey, hey. How was the first day?

Phoebe: Oh, exellent. Everyone was so, so nice.

Chandler: See, it pays to know the man who wears my shoes. (Joey and Ross wonder what he means) Me.

pay v.有利

Phoebe: No, I didn't tell anybody that I knew you.

Chandler: Why not?

Phoebe: Oh, because, you know... they don't like you.

Chandler: What?!

Phoebe: I thought you knew that.

Chandler: Noho. Who doesn't they like me?

Phoebe: Everyone. Except for uh... no everyone.

Chandler: What are you talking about?

Phoebe: Don't feel bad. You know they used to like you a lot. But then you got promoted, and, you know, now you're like "Mr. Boss Man". You know, Mr. Bing. Mr. Bing, "Boss Man Bing".

(Joey and Ross laughs)

Chandler: I can't belive it.

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah. They even do you.

do sb=imitate sb模仿某人

Chandler: They do me?

Phoebe: You know like... uh okay... uh... 'Could that report be any later?'

(Joey and Ross laughs)

Chandler: I don't sound like that.

Ross: Oh, oh Chandler...

Joey: Oh... Yeah, you do.

Ross: 'The hills were alive with the sound of music.'

be alive with充满着

(Phoebe, Joey and Ross laughs)

Joey: (reaches for hi scones) My scones.

scone n.烤饼

Phoebe, Joey, and Ross: 'My scones.'

(Phoebe, Joey and Ross laughs again)

Chandler: Okay, I don't sound like that. That is so not true.

(Joey and Chandler laughs)

Chandler: That is so not... That is so not... That... Oh, shut up!

(Phoebe, Joey and Ross laugh)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Monica and Young Ethan are sitting in the couch.]

Monica: Did not.

Young Ethan: I am telling you, up until I was, like nine, I thought that gunpoint was an actual place where crimes happen.

gunpoint n.枪口

Monica: How was that possible?

Young Ethan: Well, think about it. It's always on the news. 'A man is being held up, at gunpoint.' 'Tourists are being terrorised, at gunpoint.' And I just kept thinking: why does people continue to go there? (He checks his watch.) Oh, ah. I should go.

be held up被控制/terrorise v.充满恐惧,使恐惧,恐吓

Monica: Okay.

(They kiss)

Young Ethan: Okay.

Monica: Unless...

Young Ethan: What?

Monica: Uh, ah. Unless you wanna stay over过夜? I mean, I'm going to, so...

Young Ethan: Yeah, I'd really like that.

(They kiss)

Young Ethan: Uuh, before we get into any staying-over-stuff, there is something you should know.

Monica: Okay, is this like 'I have an early class tomorrow' or 'I'm secretly married to a goat?'

goat n.山羊<>色鬼,替罪羊

Young Ethan: Well it's somewhere in between. You see, in a strictly technical sense, of course, I'm not uh..., well I, I mean I haven't ever uh...

Monica: Ethan?

Young Ethan: Yeah?

Monica: Are you a virgin处男?

Young Ethan: Well, if that's what you kids are calling it these days then, yes I am. I uh, I've kinda been waiting for the right person.

Monica: Really?

Young Ethan: Yeah. You do know I was talking about you, right?

(They kiss)

[Time lapse. They are now in Monica's bedroom, on the bed.]

Young Ethan: Wow!

Monica: You keep saying that.

Young Ethan: You know, you read about it, you see it in the movies. Even when you practice it at home, man oh man, it is nothing like that.

(They kiss)

Monica: Listen, uh, you told me something that was really difficult for you. And I, I-I figured if you could be honest, then I can to.

Young Ethan: Oh god, don't tell me, I did it wrong.

Monica: No-no. Nothing wrong about that.

Young Ethan: Oh.

Monica: Um, okay, here it goes. I'm not 22. I'm, I'm 25... and thirteen months.

Young Ethan: Huh!

Monica: But I figured, you know, that shouldn't change anything. I mean, what the hell does it matter how old we are.

(They kiss)

Young Ethan: Uh, listen um, as long as we're telling stuff, uh, I have another one for you. I'm a little younger than I said.

Monica: You're not a senior?

Young Ethan: Oh, I'm a senior... in High School.

Monica: Ok...ay.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Monica's Bedroom, continued from earlier.]

Monica: What we did was wrong. Oh god, I just had sex with somebody that wasn't alive during the Bicentennial200周年.

be alive=born出生

Bicentennial 这里指美国独立两百周年,也就是1976年。莫尼卡交了一个小男朋友,后来她觉得不妥,因为她发现小男友居然在两百周年时还没有出生。/独立日(Independence Day177774

Young Ethan: I just had sex.

Monica: Ethan, focus注意听. How could you not tell me?

Young Ethan: Well, you never told me how old you were.

Monica: Well, that's different. My lie didn't make one of us a felon in 48 states. What were you thinking?

felon n.重罪人

Young Ethan: I wasn't thinking. I was too busy fallin'...

Monica: Don't say it. (closes Ethan's mouth with her hand)

Young Ethan: ...in love with you.

Monica: Really?

Young Ethan: (nods) Sorry.

Monica: Well,fall out of it. You know, you shouldn't even be here, it's a school night. Oh god, oh god. I'm like those women that you see with shiny guys named Chad. I'm Joan Collins.

fall out of v.放弃(习惯等)/shiny guys阳光小帅哥

Joan Collins 莫尼卡发现自己很像著名美女明星钟歌莲丝(Joan Collins),居然在和一个小男生谈恋爱。钟歌莲丝是著名的性感影星,生活作风随便,她一度有一个外号叫做英国公开赛 (British Open)”

Young Ethan: Who?

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone exept Monica is there.]

Ross: (on phone) Okay, Andr?should be there in like 45 minutes. All rightie, bye bye. (to Phoebe) Just easier that way这样就简单多了.

Chandler: Oh, come on. You told me about the last dream.

Rachel: No, forget it算了吧.

Chandler: Oh, why not. Was I doing anything particularly... saucy?

saucy adj.无礼的,莽撞的

Rachel: All right, fine. Um, you were not the only one there. (Camera fades to Ross, who's listening very carefully) Joey was there too.

fade to sb(摄像机)淡入

Joey: All right. (Moves closer.)

Ross: Was there...uh, huh, huh, huh... andybody, anybody else there.

Rachel: No.

Ross: You're sure? Nobody uh, handed out uh, mints or anything?

hand out v....拿出来, 分发, 施舍/mint n.薄荷(糖)

Rachel: No, it was just the three of us.

Ross: Huh!

Joey: So, tell me. Was it like you and Chandler, and then you and me, or you and me and Chandler?

Rachel: (laughs) You know what?

Joey: What?

Rachel: There were times when it wasn't even me.

(Chandler and Joey laughs, until they look at each other then recoil in horror.)

recoil v.畏缩,退缩

Phoebe: That is so sweet, you guys. (hugs them)

(Monica enters, wearing a walkman, so she doesn't hear what the others say)

Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe: Hey, Mon.

Rachel: Mon, Ethan called again. Mon?

All: (shouting) Mon!

(Monica takes of her walkman)

Monica: What?

Rachel: Ethan called again.

Monica: Oh.

Ross: Are you not seeing him anymore?

Monica: No. You know, sometimes just things doesn't work out有些事情无法勉强.

Chandler: And this has nothing to do with事情与……无关 the fact that he needs a note请假条 to get out of gym.

(Monica stares at Rachel)

Rachel: I, I didn't say any... I sw... I did not say anything, I swear. He stopped by顺便拜访.

Joey: Listen, the next time you talk to him, can you ask him which one the strongest Power Ranger is?

Power Ranger:恐龙战队.专门打击怪兽,维护世界和平,是一部日本的连续剧。这个应该是Joey他们孩提时代的动画片,而Ethan是没看过的。所以Joey借此来取笑Ethan的岁数太小

(Ross and Chandler laughs)

Ross: Oh, yeah.

Monica: Ha,ha, ha, oh my life is just so amusing. Could we drop it now?

drop it <>放弃,作罢

Joey, Chander, and Ross: Sorry.

Ross: It's morphin time!现在是变身时刻

Joey: Stegosaurus剑龙!

Chandler: Tyrannosaurus暴龙!

dinosaur n.恐龙/还有一个叫Allosaurus (异龙)

(They all cross they're arms like the Power Rangers do)

Phoebe: Ooh, oh, I've gotta go. (raises) Whoa, oh, head rush头晕. One more再来一次, and then I have to go. (sits down, and then raises again) Cool!

Rachel: Where are you going?

Phoebe: Um, oh, I've got a birthday party, with some work people=coworker.

Chandler: Work people? Nobody told me.

Phoebe: No, I know. That's a part of the whole, you know, them-not-liking-you-extravaganza.

extravagant adj.奢侈的,过分的,过度的/extravaganza n.狂妄的行为to 大驾光临

Chandler: You know, I don't get this我不了解. A month ago, these people were my friends. You know, just because I'm in charge doesn't mean I'm a different person.

be in charge 变为主管

Phoebe: Well, then you should come tonight. You know, just hang out with them. Let them see what a great guy you still are.

hang out with sbsb呆在一起,与sb相处

Chandler: You think I should?

Phoebe: I really do, yeah.

Chandler: Okay.

Phoebe: Okay.

Chandler: Okay.

Phoebe: Oh, but, could we not go together? I,I don't wanna be the geek that invited the boss.

[Scene: Chandler's office, he and Phoebe are taking a break from work.]

Chandler: I Think last night was great. You know, the Karaoke卡拉ok thing. Tracy and I doing Ebony乌木 and Ivory象牙.

Ebony and Ivory :a hit song by Paul McCartney and blind black singer Stevie Wonder featuring a perfect harmony between people with different colors

Phoebe: You were great. But they still made fun of you.

Chandler: What?

Phoebe: You know, now you're more like, you know like, "Mr. Caring Boss管家婆上司," "Mr.", you know, "I'm one of you, Boss," "Mr., I wanna be your buddy, Boss Man Bing!"

Chandler: Then, I don't get it.

Phoebe: Well, you know what Chandler? I think you've gotta face it. You're like, the guy in the big office, you know. You're the one that hires them, that fires them... They still say you're a great boss.

Chandler: They do?

Phoebe: Uh huh. But they're not your friends anymore.

Chandler: I just wan't to...

Phoebe: No, but you can't.

Chandler: But I just wa...

Phoebe: Uh uh.

[Scene: Central Perk. Everyone exept Phoebe and Chandler is there. Ross's beeper goes off and everyone execpt him react有反应.]

Monica: Aren't you gonna...

Ross: Oh, Carol and I have a new system. If she punches in 911, it means she's having a baby, otherwise I just ignore it.

punch in v.打上班钟卡 to按下

Joey: What about Andr?

Ross: Oh, well this morning he got a call from who I think was our cousin Nathan, and frankly坦白地说, it was a little more than I needed to know.

(Ethan enters)

Young Ethan: Hey.

Monica: That was gonna be my opener开场白.

Rachel: (understands that Monica and Ethan wanna be alone) Hey, did you guys check out those new hand-dryers in the bathroom?

hand-dryer n.手吹风机

Ross: I thought that was just a rumour谣传,传闻.

Rachel: True story.

Joey: They're here already?

(Rachel, Ross and Ross go to the bathroom)

Young Ethan: All right, look. I've gotta tell you something. I'm not 17. I only said so that you'd think I was cute and vulnerable. I'm actually 30, I have a wife, I have a job, I'm your Congressman. Monica, this is ridiculous, we're great together. We can talk, we make each other laugh, and the sex. Oh, man, okay i have no frame of graft, but I thought that was great.

vulnerable adj.易受攻击的,脆弱的to惹人怜爱的/congressman n.国会医院/graft n.v.嫁接,赎职/ frame of graft,不是frame of graft. frame of Reference。意思是:我没有相关的经历来进行对比,(就是说他以前是处男嘛)。

Monica: It was.

Young Ethan: Then, what's the problem?

Monica: Ethan, it's um... it's icky.

 icky adj.粘得讨厌的, 过分甜的, 讨厌的n.令人作呕的人

Young Ethan: Icky? You're actually gonna throw this away because it's icky?

Monica: This isn't easy for me either. I wish things were different, I... If you were a few years older, or if I was a few years younger, or if we lived in biblical times, I would really...

biblical adj.圣经的

Young Ethan: No, don't say it. (closes Monica's mouth with his hand)

Monica: ...love you.

(Ross, Rachel and Joey come back from the bathroom. They discover that Monica and Ethan aren't finished talking to each other yet.)

Ross: Are you're hands still wet?

Joey: Uh, moist潮湿的, yeah.

Rachel: Let's dry 'em again.

(They go to the bathroom again)

[Scene: A hall on the floor where Chandler works. Chandler and Phoebe enters, and overhears some employees's conversation. One of them is doing Chandler.]

Gerston: Uh, like, could these margaritas be any stronger? (They discover that Chandler is listening) Hey, Chandler.

margarita (由墨西哥龙舌兰酒、酸橙或柠檬汁以及橙味酒混合调制而成的)玛格丽塔酒/strong adj.烈的

Santos: Hello, Mr. Bing.

Petrie: Loved your Stevie Wonder last night.

Chandler: Thanks. Listen, about the weekly numbers, I'm gonna need them on my desk by nine o'clock.

Santos: Sure.

Gerston: No problem.

(They go away, trying very hard not to laugh at Chandler)

Chandler: You have to give 'em something, you know. Okay, now that was Gerston, Santos, and who's the guy with the moustache?

moustache n.小胡子

Phoebe: Petrie.

Chandler: Petrie, right, right. Okay, some people gonna be working this weekend.

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Ross is watching TV, but turns it off, and Rachel is sleeping on the couch. Ross puts a blanket over her.]

Rachel: (talking in her sleep) Oooooooooh. (Rachel strokes抚摩 her hand over the pillow. Ross mimicks her silently) Oh, that's nice. Oh, oh. Huh, Ross!

(Ross gets all excited and starts to dance on the coffee table, but slips all most immediatly, and falls onto the couch. Rachel wakes up.)

Rachel: Ross?

Ross: I'm here.

Rachel: You are. Well, um... We, we, we were just...  Wow!

Ross: What? (his beeper goes off) Great, now I'm having a baby.

Rachel: What?

Ross: Ooh, Ooh.

Rachel: What?

Ross: I'm having... I'm having a baby. (jumps back onto the table again) I'm having a... Where's the phone? The phone?

Rachel: I don't know where the phone is.

(Ross runs from the table, over the couch but slips and falls onto the floor)

Rachel: Ross?

Ross: I'm hurt.

Closing Credits

[Scene: The Hallway, Ross is eagerly waiting for the others to get ready, to go to the hospital.]

Ross: Monica, let's go. Come on now people, woman in labor在分娩中.

(Chandler struts out from his apartment)

strut v.大摇大摆地走,高视阔步

Chandler: (doing a little dance) Hey Ross, look what I've got going here.

Ross: Yeah, save it for the cab留着付车钱吧, okay.

(Rachel comes out from their apartment with a mirror and a lipstick in her hands)

lipstick n.<>口红

Ross: What are you doing? We're going to a hospital.

Rachel: What, so I can't lokk nice? There might be doctors there.

Ross: Joey, get out of the fridge.

Joey: All right, all right. (he comes out from their apartment with a huge sandwich in his hand)

Ross: What is that? (refering to the sandwich)

Joey: For the ride车上吃.

Chandler: Yeah, like in a cab...

Ross: Save it.

Chandler: Okay, hating this.

Ross: Monica, come on now. Let's go, baby coming.

(Monica enters from their apartment, crying)

Monica: I can't belive it, I'm gonna be an aunt. I'm gonna have like a nephew侄子.

Ross: That's nice. Get out Let's go, come on.

Joey: All right, I'm going. I'm going.

(They all go down the stairs, but Ross turns around, looking like his in a coma. The others also turns around to get him.)

in a coma在昏迷中

Chandler: Here we go走吧, here we go.

Rachel: Rossy, Rossy.



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